Bella's Lullaby

Monday, 26 November 2007

Yippee!! Got HIO!!!

In Pangya that is... In Sepia Wind Hole 13. Lucky 13. Anyway, it's my first HIO and it was finally since I was almost reaching Senior Rank. It would be a really bad impression if I don't even have a HIO in my record once I reached Senior Rank, right? I'm satisfied with Kooh now since I spent half of my 'pangs' on her when I started using her... And she broke a few records for me too.

Hope Kaz in next Season 3 will do the same for me. ;-)

P.S, if you want to find me in Pangya, please head down to SEA server. My username is of course 'mewletter'!!!

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

3rd Grader's "El Nino" Report

Another reason not to overload your kid with WAY too much information... LOL Click the pic & magnify it if you can't see well.

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Upgrading my MP3 Player...

Wonder if I should had sell my old 5GB Zen Neeon player & buy the New ZenV Plus 8GB later, than just 'upgrading' it to Zen VPlus... $30 discount off... Hmm...

Anyway, it's still cheap when I got Neeon for $329. Still, it's much smaller, yet more storage space than my old MP3 player. I still call it a good trade-in. I can see videos & pictures of it too. (but then again, most portable devices CAN)

Clicky here for its website.

P.S, just added a few widgets on my blog today. Hope this entertain you guys while I'm working on posts at least weekly. ;-)

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

The Ultimate Cute-Xtra Kitten!

Not even my niece's Toy puppy, Woof-woof, is cuter than the REAL DEAL. LOL

Music Catch 2