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Wednesday, 29 August 2007

New Google Earth! Comes with Google Sky!

In some cases, I'm considered to be a late post since this new version Google Earth had came out for over a month. Still, there might a few ppl out there might not aware it.

Google Earth. There's a lot privacy issues when it first hit the web, but had a new meaning of surfing the World. Cool features had added in, especially the coming of Google Sky. I'm quite an avid Astronomy fan, but I'm too short of cash to buy a telescope. Living in a heavily urbanized neighborhood made night-time sky viewing impossible. But with this new program, I can watch them even in broad daylight.

Here are the two clips regarding Google Earth and its new, built-in program, Google Sky. Enjoy.

The clip above is from the famous Matt of Youtube. The one below show the marvel of Google Sky. So what are you waiting for? Go get Google Earth by cliky HERE. It's free. (Unless you want the Pro version)

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

All about bars, sci-fi & space dancers...

Let me introduce one of my favourite authors; Spider Robinson. Some of his works are the Callahan Series, the Stardance trilogy & the Deathkiller Series. I had personally had the entire Callahan Series and had opened my point of view and mind like a blooming flower. From the articles I read, he's a hard-core Robert Heinlein fan (my favourite too) and had a sense of witty humor that will make you roll all over.

Currently, he's continuing his story from 'Very Bad Deaths' which I will get it when I had the energy to search for it... And his lovely wife, Jeanne, is preparing the Stardance movie. Anyway, here are the links you should visit:

Clicky here for Spider's website. It hardly update though. But had cool songs he wrote, played and sang by him. Anyone heard of Amos Garret?

Clicky here for Jeanne's Stardance website. Tells you all the developments of the movie and a small clip from Youtube.

Clicky here for the forum that Spider indirectly spawned and influenced it. Check my posts as Cyberapto2!!!

Hope you guys get a glimpse of sci-fi fun.

Friday, 3 August 2007

After a month long break from Com....

Assuming that breaking away from my PC for a month to concentrate on my new job would help me, it became evident that the reverse was true. Oh well, back to the drawing board I guess.

Anyway, just recently upgraded my old P4 PC to Dual Core, and needed a lot of new RE-installations to it.

Another disappointment I had was to miss this big event in Kansas City, USA; The Robert A. Heinlein Centennial. I'm a truly hard-core sci-fi fan and a strong supporter of the space advancement. After all, the space race is NOT over... Just us and our homeworld, Earth. And the stakes are much higher if nations (or giant corps to be exact) don't work together before it puts a deadly strain to this planet. Anyway clicky here.

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