Bella's Lullaby

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Flesh & blood or bread & wine?

This is how I envision whenever I attend the Holy Communion. I often wonder why the Son of God didn't tell His believers what's stuff He said is literal or just plain metaphor. Look at all the mess & contradictions created today. Clicky the picture for the better view of this "Zombie-infested Last Supper".

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Is it called a Victory if I won over a Pro?

Just wonder since this is my first ever playing with a Pro. Beating him is another thing. LOL. But he wasn't in his form and won much MORE bonus pangs than I am... Anyway, it's a nice thought a beginner rank player with only Kaz & basic club could even CHALLENGED a pro.

Side note; I had changed the music to Your Rain by Akira Yamaoka. (No relationship with 'Kira' from 'Death Note'. LOL) Hope you like it.

Music Catch 2