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Wednesday, 29 August 2007

New Google Earth! Comes with Google Sky!

In some cases, I'm considered to be a late post since this new version Google Earth had came out for over a month. Still, there might a few ppl out there might not aware it.

Google Earth. There's a lot privacy issues when it first hit the web, but had a new meaning of surfing the World. Cool features had added in, especially the coming of Google Sky. I'm quite an avid Astronomy fan, but I'm too short of cash to buy a telescope. Living in a heavily urbanized neighborhood made night-time sky viewing impossible. But with this new program, I can watch them even in broad daylight.

Here are the two clips regarding Google Earth and its new, built-in program, Google Sky. Enjoy.

The clip above is from the famous Matt of Youtube. The one below show the marvel of Google Sky. So what are you waiting for? Go get Google Earth by cliky HERE. It's free. (Unless you want the Pro version)

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