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Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Something gothic....

Sure, I like nice & cute things. But I also like something gruesome and morbid. Not those 'Jason' or 'slasher' type, but something like 'Nightmare before Christmas' & 'The Corpse Bride' type. I'm not really 'attracted' by these scary stuff, but hey, weird it is and weird am I.

Here is my first collection of something...dark

Creator of Children R Skary, Kelly Towell is a true Goth with a sense of black humor and artistic touch. Her other website shows why children can be adults' worst nightmare...

A Central Park Squirrel with a hyper-sonic voice & his depressed Goth Chick owner are the main characters of this website's flash shows. Meet Foamy as he rants all things under this God-forsaken world, while his owner, Germaine denies the fact she's getting fat.

If you haven't heard of Emily, where are you been hiding? She's a goth gal with her four black, not-really-friendly cats. She loves what most people fears, and loathes at all things cute & cuddly. An upcoming icon since Fox has announced that they will help make a live action and animated film based on Emily. Watch out for her!

Be warned, its truly not for the common sense...

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