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Friday, 1 June 2007

'Bad' Ppl + Religion = Abuse + Cult

Which explains why Jesus hates Pharisees a lot. Even today, there are modern-day 'Pharisees' like some idiots who claimed that natural disasters(hurricanes, earthquakes, etc)happen because god is angry at secular sinners? I remembered clearly that the Bible did mentioned that the sky rains and shines on both good and bad people. And some ppl who believed creationism whole-heartedly. Earth is only about 6000 years and humans co-existed with dinosaurs? Some one has been watching WAY too much Flintstones cartoons. Clicky here.

Is it about time that there's way too many ppl been brainwashed and abused by these 'Pharisees'? Does anyone have an article on how to spot a Modern-day 'Pharisees'?

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