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Sunday, 16 December 2007

About sarging, daemons & snow ice

Good stuff coming in this festive season. (But burning my wallet as well..oh well) Had a wonderful dinner at HK Cafe @ Cineleisure Shopping Mall. Ordered some pork chop spaghetti. Though tasted good, kind of regretted not ordering their famous cheese baked noodle...

Lastly for dessert, 5 of my pals & I shared a large bowl of yummy mango snow ice with mango ice cream as a topping. Yummy!!!

Just bought 'His Dark Materials' by Philip Pullman. Though almost as thick as my Lord of The Rings trilogy, this one is easier for the kids, but as complicated for adults to like it. Will start reading it soon and see what the fuss it makes. LOL

Ahhh....Sarging. There's a lot about 'The Game' than meets the eye. It's about Neil Strauss' "The Game" which tells the secret world of pick-up artists and how they preform in life. The next book he recently released, 'The Rules of the Game' was more of helping clueless guys like me on how to transit from a mandune dude to a Casanova romantic. And also an in-depth scope of the author's life. Got both of the books btw.

If you want to know more about his works or the world of pick-up artists, do clicky here. Sorry, for guys who are 'out of luck' in dating only.

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