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Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Settling down and making plans

As almost a month past since I became a junior technician, I had made some rough plans on what I will do in next few years. Home is kinda dull since most of my family are at overseas, touring South Korea. (boo-hoo for me?)

For me, I had decided to visit Key West and had a traditional, old-fashioned American road trip from Long Island to the sunny Keys. This was inspired by one of my favorite books, Callahan's Key, where 23 bus loads of barflies and weirdoes made a great move to there. As usual, this wonderful book was written by Spider Robinson, one of my favorite authors. Do clicky here if you don't know his website.

P.S, he has a regular podcast until November on his website, where you get an audio sample of his incredible story, Variable Star. (Can't believe I can't get it in Borders. Gonna push strings for it!)

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